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About United Bio Lube


Company Profile

Founded in 2000 by Jeffrey S. Marth, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, United Bio Lube (UBL) sells High Performance Biobased Lubricants, Solvents, and Fuel Conditioners based on High Oleic Base Stocks (HOBS) with stabilized additive technology. This best-of-breed patented technology allows UBL to proudly stamp "America's Superior Oil" on every product label.

Leading with sustainability, all of United Bio Lube's 160+ High Performance Biobased Lubricant products are biodegradable, safe, and renewable - and have proven to outperform the leading petroleum lubricants in all classes: Oils, Fluids, and Greases!

United Bio Lube's renewable product line allow governments and companies to respond directly to a series of Presidential Executive Orders 13101, 131223, 13134, 13148, 13149, each intended to stimulate the emergence of a U.S. Biobased Economy. Today, these executive orders are extended and enhanced by EO 13423.

United Bio Lube's products have a quadruple purpose: to help governments and industry meet compliance with 1) worker safety regulations and 2) environmental laws, 3) gain enhanced machine performance and productivity, while 4) fostering U.S. Oil Independance and Carbon sequestration.

United Bio Lube's Green Chemistry based bio lubricants technology dramatically lower emissions and reduces wear while boosting power and fuel economy in heavy duty diesel vehicles, industrial generators, and motor driven machinery. UBL's Biobased Lubricants reduce wear and fatigue in equipment, machines, and hardware - saving down-time, maintenance time, and replacement costs.

United Bio Lube's 2020 Vision

The next 100 years will witness our present petroleum-based economy transform itself of into a carbohydrate-based economy driven by demand for safer Green Chemistry and Green Energy. Society's chemical products and infrastructures will be designed and built upon the Precautionary Principle and sold to a thriving world-wide Biobased Economy.

United Bio Lube: The Industry Leader In Biobased Lubricants, Fuel Conditioners, and Solvents

Today, United Bio Lube sells over 160 Biobased Lubricant Products designed to outperform petroleum products.

United Bio Lube's safe biodegradable products are setting new performance, health, and environmental standards throughout multiple industries, including Agriculture, Assembly, Construction, Forestry, Government, Landscaping, Manufacturing, Marine, Metalworking, Mills, Military, and Transportation.

United Bio Lube's Killer App:  BPL™ - Bio Penetrating Lubricant w/ Bio Corrosion Inhibitors

United Bio Lube is working with pioneering Green Retailers (i.e. Organic Grace, Phoenix Organics, Your Green Home, BioFuels Oasis) and selected Ace Hardware stores (i.e. Grand Lake Ace Hardware, Palo Alto Ace Hardware) throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area on up through the State of Oregon to bring awareness to UBL's lead product:  BPL™ - Bio Penetrating Lubricant + Bio Corrosion Inhibitors.

BPL™ - Bio Penetrating Lubricant + Bio Corrosion Inhibitors is a true replacement for hazardous petroleum-based multi-purpose Lubricants, Penetrants, and Corrosion Inhibitors in a spray can. Products like WD4O, 3-in-1, Liquid Wrench, TriFlow, Power Lube, PB Blaster, LPS #2, and all the others in their class, can now be replaced with one alternative product having superior performance and safety - namely BPL™!

United Bio Lube's Corporate-wide Green Business Mandate

United Bio Lube operates a Green Business Model based on social responsibility and sustainable business practices.






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