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United Bio Lube In The News

June, 2007

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. (NOAA)

"NOAA Operates Three, 100 Percent Biobased Ships In Green Ship Initiative"

Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab (GLERL)'s Dennis Donahou Goes Green In A Big Way.

June, 2005

World Wellness Weekend
Southern Oregon University

"Green Chemistry and the Emerging U.S. Biobased Economy"

Presenter Jeffrey S. Marth, Founder/CEO, United Bio Lube

February, 2005

Green Building Materials
by Berkeley's Truitt & White

"What's New With Green Products?"
BPL™ - Bio Penetrating Lubricant

September, 2004

Palo Alto Weekly
by Melinda Casillas

"The Good, The Bad, and the Oily"
Local entrepreneur pushes biodegradable lubricants.

August, 2004

San Jose Mercury News
by Kellie Schmitt

"Soy-base Lubricant Arrives For Test"
Soy spray hits Palo Alto market.




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